DSS Property List

The property listed on these pages can all accept DSS tenants, provided a guarantor can be found. A guarantor is somebody who will agree to cover the rent if a DSS tenant falls into arrears, and is usually a close family member.

Why Don't Some Landlords Accept DSS?

There are specific reasons why some landlords cannot let DSS tenants rent their property. Most common is that the landlord has a mortgage with a bank that forbids them from accepting tenants who will pay the rent using housing benefits. There is a risk is that a person claiming benefits may loose their entitlement, or worse, be discovered to have misrepresented their circumstances and have their entitlement revoked and backdated. In some circumstances a local counsel may recover the money directly from a landlord leaving them thousands of pounds out of pocket if the claim goes back a long way.

We can offer expert advise to both landlords and tenants on all matters pertaining to DSS rentals. If you cannot find a suitable property immediately we also offer a DSS housing waiting list which you can join here.


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