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Frequently Asked Questions

MakeUrMove are an online letting expert. We specialise in advertising rental property, and matching rental property to the requirements of our applicants. We maintain a large database of people who are actively seeking property to rent, and we have partnered with the UK's largest property websites to ensure maximum exposure for your property listing. Our services include everything you need to advertise, let and manage your property or portfolio.

Unlike traditional estate agents we don't have a high street presence, and we don't drive flash company cars. By keeping our costs down in these areas we are able to offer big savings to our customers over traditional high street agents.

How does the FREE tenant find service work?

Our free tenant find service allows Landlords to register any of their properties and then advertise for 7 days on MakeUrMove, Rightmove and Zoopla with no hidden charges. If you find a tenant within the 7 days we will complete reference checks for you, this is paid for by the applicants/tenants. You will then be given the option to purchase our tenancy documentation which allows all parties to review and sign documents online and includes deposit colleciton and lodging with the Deposit Protection Service.

What happens at the end of the Free 7 day listing?

After the 7 days you can then choose to use either our Tenant Find for £49 or Tenant Find Plus package for £75.

Can I just list for another 7 days for Free?

Unfortunately not, you cannot list the same property again under the Free 7 day listing for at least 60 days. You can list the property again using the Tenant Find or Tenant Find Plus package and you can arrange this to follow on from your 7 day listing if required. Just look out for the text reminders that we will send to you.

How likely am I to find a tenant within the 7 days?

This one comes down to the property and price. Make sure you have described as well as you can and have quality photos to get tenants interested. Check your pricing and make sure it is competitive for your area and size of property, you can ask our Lettings Team for assistance on this and request a comparable valuation by emailing admin@makeurmove.co.uk. Finally try to be as flexible as you can be with availability for viewings to make sure you see everyone that may be interested.

What happens at the end of the Free 7 day listing?

After the 7 days you can then choose to use either our Tenant Find for £49 or Tenant Find Plus package for £75.

What is the difference between your Tenant Find and Tenant Find Plus service?

The Tenant Find service provides advertising on MakeUrMove, Rightmove and Zoopla for up to 60 days or until you find a tenant whichever is sooner. The Tenant Find Plus package also allows marketing for up to 60 days and includes the tenancy documentation and deposit lodging for when you do find a tenant. This is normally charged at £35.

How much do you charge tenants?

The tenant reference fee is £96 per person. Guarantors are charged at £48 each. We do not charge any administration fees for providing a tenancy agreement or arranging additional landlord services like Check Ins and Inventories.

Will a charge put tenants off?

Most tenants expect to pay a fee for at least referencing when applying for a property listed on a professional portal such as Rightmove or Zoopla. The quality of property listed on these websites is guaranteed by the agents who list them, and most will charge a fee. We constantly monitor our fees to make sure they are competitive.

Why do you pre check tenants?

We aren't in the business of taking multiple applications to increase our revenues, nor do we want to take fees for references from tenants if it possible to identify that they will not pass before doing so. It is for this reason that we ask all tenants in advance a few questions to help us ascertain the likelihood of passing checks.

What do you do if tenants look like they will fail reference checks?

We will contact you to discuss options on whether to proceed or not. We will not collect a reference fee or begin checks until we have your confirmation that you wish to go ahead and we will keep the tenants informed during this period.

What if I don't want to charge tenants a fee?

You can opt to pay for the tenants reference fees if you wish to, we would recommend that you obtain complete references from tenants prior to agreeing a tenancy.

What is included in the referencing?

For someone in full time work we will credit check tenants to be named on the tenancy. We also collect a previous landlord reference and an employment reference to verify their affordability. If taking on a housing benefit tenant or student we confirm their status with either the housing benefit provider or the university. We would then credit and employment reference a guarantor.

What is a guarantor?

This is an independent person who will not be living at the property. A guarantor agrees to guarantee your tenancy and to do so they must pass reference checks. Guarantors need proof of income which is equivalent to 3 times the annual rent and a good credit history. They will also need to sign the tenancy agreement to confirm that they understand the obligations as they are legally responsible for the rental payments and terms of the tenancy.

Is the referencing suitable for rent guarantee?

Yes. Assuming the tenants result is “Accepted” on their report you can contact a number of suppliers who will honour the referencing based upon our findings. All credit information is obtained from Equifax, a global leader in consumer credit information. You may want to take a look at our Rent Collection Service which includes rent protection for just £25 per month.

What if I want to do my own referencing?

No problem, you will need to notify us in advance and we will then advise the tenant that you also wish to complete separate reference checks. You will have to cover the cost of this yourselves and these will be completed in addition to our own reference checks.

Can I pay the tenant referencing fee?

Of course, but please let us know you wish to do this before you list the property to ensure that we display the correct fees.

How is using your service different to using a free site like Gumtree?

When you list property on sites like Gumtree you must publish your personal details for applicants to contact you directly. This has its advantages, but can also result in a lot of unwanted sales calls or enquiries from unsuitable applicants. The unregulated nature of "anything goes" listings sites like Gumtree has also given them a reputation for being property flea markets, often exploited by slumlords who wish to rent poorer quality stock that may not have proper legal certification in place (Gas Safe, Energy Performance, HMO licensing, etc). The tenants who use these sites may also be of a lower quality (eg. bad credit or bad rental history) and can be looking to avoid an agent’s identity, credit and reference checks.

How is using your service different to using Open Rent or Upad?

Listing on either of these sites could still leave you with a headache of admin work. Our service includes vetting tenants before they even get to a booking stage and this is possible 24 hours a day using our online booking facility. We don't just send you the leads, we filter them to make sure they meet your requirements. Our service is quicker too as tenants can book straight into your available viewing slots which you set in advance. There is no waiting around for offices to open or hanging on an unanswered email and you don't need to waste any of your time sifting through the enquiries yourself.

How long will my property listing stay live?

The free listing will stay live for up to 7 days, Tenant Find & Tenant Find Plus listings will be advertised for a period of up to 60 days. If a let is agreed the property advert will be removed pending reference checks. If reference checks are unsuccessful, your advert will be relisted for the remaining unused time period.

What if I find a tenant through other means?

Just let us know and we will remove your advert. If you are on the free listing you will have no further fees, if using one of our other packages you would be liable for any up front fees you have paid.

Do you offer services to reference tenants that I have found by other means?

We certainly do, just call the lettings team on 0333 8000 210 or email us on admin@makeurmove.co.uk with the details and we will then contact the tenants for you to complete pre-checks before progressing to references.

How long does it usually take to find tenants?

This depends on your property and listing. If you advert is well described and has quality photos whilst being advertised at a market rate price then you should receive viewing requests straight away. If it taking longer than you would like then take a look at the advert and local market rate or ask a member of the Lettings Team to assist you with a review of your advert.

Can I advertise a single room in a house?

No problem. Just complete your registration and we will advertise as normal. Unfortunately we are unable to offer the contract and deposit lodging for these types of let

What if my property is in Scotland

No problem. We are not able to charge tenant fees and references would not be included in the service as a result. Properties in Scotland are not eligible for the free service.

Can you take viewings for me?

Yes, we can. We offer a viewing package for £180 which provides 5 x 30 minute slots.

Can you manage my property for me?

Yes, we can. We offer full property management with protection for just £65 per calendar month including VAT. This service includes collecting rent, chasing any late payments, maintenance reporting and handling routine repairs, 24 hour telephone support, and management of landlord legal and compliance issues. More Details.

How secure are your identity and reference checks?

When we reference check your tenants we write to their previous landlord and their current employer. We verify the references are legitimate by leveraging premium access to data sources that include the electoral register, land registry and companies house. Credit information is obtained from Equifax, a global leader in consumer credit information.

Do you complete Right To Rent Checks

Right to rent checks must be completed in person at the property and are usually carried out at the Check In. Every person over the age of 18 years who will be living at the property must be present with their ID and we recommend that Landlords take a photo of each person holding their identity and record this in your Inventory or tenancy paperwork. More Details.

Why do I need an Inventory?

An Inventory report is an important record of the condition of your property and fixtures or fittings at the start of a tenancy. It is this report that you should use to check things during and at the end of the tenancy. You should provide a copy to your tenant and allow them up to 21 days to raise any queries. At the end of the tenancy you should arrange a Check Out which will check the condition against the Inventory and determine if the any work is required. It will be required should you need to retain funds from the deposit.

What is the Deposit Protection Service?

Often shortened to the DPS the Deposit Protection Service is a an approved government scheme which provide protection for the deposits collected by agents or landlords. Originally this scheme only offered a free to use Custodial scheme and now offers an Insured service too. MakeUrMove use the custodial scheme which means we transfer the deposit to the Service and they retain this on account, you can log on and check that your deposit is protected by visiting their website.