Frequently Asked Questions

MakeUrMove are an online letting platform used by private landlords and tenants across the UK. Our mission is to improve the world of renting by bringing landlords and tenants together through people-focused technology. We have developed our platform with you in mind and have a team of professionals supporting you through the letting process.

You can choose from an advertising as you need it service or build your own management subscription to include advertising, tenant reference checks, documents, renewals, rent collect, rent protection and even guaranteed rent.

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Below is a list of frequently asked questions, if the answer you are looking for is not here please do get in touch with the team using our contact us form.

How quickly do you find tenants?

Our average time to let is 12 days. 

Do you charge tenant fees?

No, we do not charge tenants any admin fees in relation to application or tenancy creation.

Why don't you charge tenant fees?

We don’t believe in charging fees to tenants represents good practice or that it can guarantee good tenants. We understand that there are costs in tenant referencing and that landlords will need to reflect these costs in their rental price.

Do I have to use your services to manage my property?

No, you are not required to use our property management service. We have different packages to suit various needs. Check out our advertising and property management services now and choose the one that suits your needs best.

What is the difference between the Basic package and Standard package?

Basic advertising package allows you to advertise on MakeUrMove's listing portal and get a downloadable tenancy pack. Standard package allows you to have all the benefits from the Basic package, plus advertising on Rightmove, Primelocation and Zoopla, and use digitally-signed document pack.

What does the Premium package include?

The Premium advertising package includes everything you need to find new tenants - from advertising to viewings to reference checks, we have your back. You get all the benefits from the Standard package, plus professional photography, professional 2D floorplan, photographic inventory, 2 comprehensive tenant reference checks, deposit collection and lodging, accompanied viewings and digitally-signed tenancy document pack.

What does the Good Landlord subscription service include?

The Good Landlord package includes Standard Advertising on major listing portals, Tenant Reference Checks, Property Licensing Compliance Checks, Tenancy Documents & Renewals, Rent Collection, Utility Notifications and Legal Eviction Assistance. You can upgrade to Rent Protection package or Fully Managed package. 

What is the difference between the Good Landlord package and Rent Protection package?

The Rent Protection package allows you to have all the benefits from the Good Landlord package, plus rent protection. It will provide you with rent protection, which covers the costs of any unpaid rent should the tenants' default on their rent payments. Rent Protection consequently minimises your losses should you find yourself in a situation where your tenant fails to pay the rent.

What happens at the end of the 12 months' rent collect?

You can upgrade to rent collection service or collect the rent yourself.

Is there a minimum contract for your subscription services?

All of our subscription services have a 12-month minimum contract. The contract starts when you start advertising or grant a new tenancy, whichever comes first. The service will be automatically renewed after 12 months and you can cancel anytime by providing one month's written notice.  

How can I cancel a subscription?

If you are using one of our subscription services, you can cancel the subscription anytime and pay any fees that are remaining under the minimum term. The minimum term renews each time you advertise or agree on a new let with new tenants, or start add-on services which include a minimum term, such as rent protection, gas safety check and guaranteed rent. If you wish to cancel the subscription after the minimum term, you will only need to provide one month's written notice and arrange rent to be paid to you directly (if you are using rent collection service).

Can I downgrade my subscription if my tenant moves out?

You can downgrade the subscription if you are no longer in your minimum term and you no longer require the services of the higher subscriptions. For example, if you require us to handle void works including deposit release, claims and quotes, you will require a fully managed subscription. Please contact us for more details.

How does your viewing management software work?

When you set up your portfolio account and add your property with MakeUrMove, you will be asked to set your availability. With the online viewing diary, you can specify which time slots and days are suitable for you. The system uses this to suggest viewing times to potential tenants when they book a viewing online/ by phone.

Who does the viewings?

MakeUrMove landlords usually arrange viewings themselves, such as attending in person, arranging with the current tenant or neighbour. If you cannot arrange this, you can choose our viewings add-on and we will arrange a local representative to accompany viewings and provide feedback to you.

How can I be sure I will get my rent if you collect it?

We have collected over £10.5 million of rent in the last 5 years and have maintained an average arrears rate of only 0.9% compared to an industry average of 9%. We aim to minimise long term arrears and the overall cost to private landlords.

Will I need to wait for ages to get my rent payment?

Our promise to clients is to pay rents the day they are received Monday to Friday with the exception of bank holidays.

Do you take any fees from rent?

All subscription fees are paid by direct debit and you will receive the whole rent amount each time it is paid. If we are instructed to fully manage a property then property-related costs will be deducted from the rent once we have approval before being paid to you and a statement shall accompany the payments. 

What is included in the reference checks?

MakeUrMove have partnered with Homelet to offer our private landlords high-quality referencing. Checks carried out as part of our complete service include; 

  • Credit check
  • Undisclosed address checking
  • Electoral roll check
  • Bank validation
  • CIFAS (Credit Industry Fraud Avoidance System) - A fraud prevention check
  • Homelet's own default database
  • Application consistent checking - checks against previous applications to make sure the information match
  • Financial sanctions checking
  • Financial reference
  • Landlord reference  

How long do reference checks take?

Reference checks take around 3 working days on average. You will be updated throughout the referencing process. Tenants are notified that they have 3 working days to provide all the required documents and information. 

What will happen if my tenants provide false information on their application?

We have a set of pre-check questions for potential tenants when they request to view the property. The pre-screening process can determine how likely they are to pass references and understand if they will require guarantors or rent in advance. 90% of our applications come back as acceptable. If the potential tenant has failed to disclose any information which would result in a failed reference checks or made false claims, reference fee will be retained from their holding deposit to cover your costs.

Can I do my own reference checks?

Yes. You can do your own reference checks alongside our services if the tenant gives you their consent. Once your reference checks are completed, you can store any documents securely in your MakeUrMove landlord account and notify us. We will then set up any rent schedules for rent collection, if this is included in your package.

I have found a tenant elsewhere, what shall I do?

Our services are not limited to finding tenants. You can still benefit from all the features of the package you have chosen. Please contact our team to let us know if you would like to proceed with reference checks or go straight into creating a tenancy.

The tenants failed reference checks, can I still go ahead with a tenancy?

Yes, but it is not recommended to do so. If you do choose to accept a tenant who has failed the reference checks, you can look into obtaining a guarantor or requesting rent in advance. Please note that you will not be qualified for rent guarantee or rent protection unless your tenant has passed the reference checks.

Do you collect a holding deposit?

Yes, if you have purchased a package including reference checks, we collect a holding deposit from tenants to secure the property during the application and reference check process. The deposit is protected under our client money protection.

Can I edit or amend the tenancy agreement? 

Tenancy agreement documents are included in all of our packages. As we want to ensure that any terms you include in your agreement meet the statutory and legal obligations, we do not provide an editable version of the agreement. If you would like to make minor adjustments, please contact our team. If you have any major changes to make, we kindly ask that you provide your own agreement and ensure it complies with the current legislation. 

How are you different from free services like Gumtree?

Free advertising sites such as Gumtree provide you with advertising only. Our platform allows you to access your landlord account and stored property information 24/7. You can manage your letting online, such as handling enquiries, arranging viewings, recording viewings and producing compliant tenancy documents. We carry out strict checks before a property is live to ensure everything is compliant. Our customer support is also backed by ARLA qualified team members.

How are you different from Open Rent?

Open Rent's cheap services are focused on quantity. We are quality and human-focused. We promise real people support (no robots!) and ensure compliance all the way. All property listing and documents are checked thoroughly by our ARLA qualified team. All tenants who apply to view the property have to answer a set of pre-screening questions, so you don't need to waste time on a hundred viewings that do not match your criteria.

All our packages include compliant tenancy documents, you can also choose add-on services that are suitable to your needs to customise your package. MakeUrMove is also rated Excellent on Trustpilot, with over 700 reviews.

Can I advertise a property located in Wales?

Yes. We are registered with Rent Smart Wales and you will need to notify them that you wish to use our service for advertising/ managing property. Please note that we can only advertise properties that are registered with Rent Smart Wales. If you haven't registered, you will need to apply and provide proof to our letting agents.

Can I advertise a property located in Scotland?

Unfortunately, not just yet. Our letting agents are qualified in England and Wales at the moment. Our dedicated team are currently training towards the Scottish qualification and we are looking forward to offering the platform to properties in Scotland soon.

Do you do the right to rent checks? 

Right to rent checks can only be carried out in person. When you use our check-in service, we will request that all occupiers over the age of 18 attend with their identity documents and we will obtain a photograph of this to include in your report. Youwill need to check that these documents meet the requirement under your obligation to carry out a right to rent check. 

If you are arranging your own key handover and check-in then make sure you check the ID for all occupiers over 18 and record this by taking a photo.

Do you hold Client Money Protection?

Yes. We are a member of the Propertymark Client Money Protection Scheme. The details of our Client Money Handling Procedures can be found on the Propertymark website here.

What is Zero Deposit Guarantee Scheme?

The Zero Deposit Guarantee replaces tenancy deposit, giving landlords effectively the same security and protection as a 6-week deposit, but without the hassle of collecting a traditional deposit and keeping it in a protection scheme.

Will landlords still need to collect a deposit from tenants if they have chosen Zero Deposit Guarantee?

No. The Zero Deposit Guarantee replaces tenancy deposit, giving landlords effectively the same security and protection as a 6-week deposit, but without the hassle of collecting a traditional deposit and keeping it in a protection scheme. Without Zero Deposit Guarantee, landlords will still need to collect a deposit from tenants.

How are claims with Zero Deposit Guarantee dealt with?

Tenancy Dispute Service (TDS) will be used to adjudicate claims, so the dispute resolution is speedy and the outcome is the same as a cash deposit. TDS will settle the dispute within 28 days and approved claims will be paid in just 2 working days. This will be done at no cost to landlords.

Who qualifies for a Zero Deposit mid-tenancy guarantee?

Tenants who are making monthly payments for their rent and are not in rent arrears or dispute about damage to the property.

Is a Zero Deposit guarantee as good as cash in the bank?

Yes. Zero Deposit is FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) regulated and every Zero Deposit Guarantee is backed by Munich Re and comes with protection from the FSCS (Financial Services Compensation Scheme) who also provide protection to the banks.

Is the Zero Deposit Guarantee compliant with the tenant fees ban?

Yes, providing it is always offered to the tenant as a choice.

What do tenants need to do at the end of the tenancy?

At the end of the tenancy, if there are no damages or unpaid rent, then the guarantee will end and there is no further action required. If there are any damages or unpaid rent at the end of the tenancy, tenants will still be liable to pay for it. Any disputes that can't be resolved with the landlord will be referred to TDS for adjudication.

Will Zero Deposit attract a different type of tenant?

The Zero Deposit Guarantee may attract a wider audience of tenants. However, we will still carry out the same screening and referencing process on tenants to ensure they are suitable and meet the criteria you have agreed with us prior to them being introduced to Zero Deposit.

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