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8 decorating tips for landlords

When it comes to renovating and improvements of your property you will need first to decide what type of tenants you want to attract, this will help you decide on the scale of your project. Weigh up the expense of replacing things vs. your intended return on investment.

1. Try to not get personal when decorating your rental property. Neutral colours and a common, consistent theme are always a safe option for majority of tenants. Avoid wallpapers, also keep some of paint for touching up when tenants leave.

2. Keep costs down by buying easy cleanable carpet, which does not require underlay. Try to replace the carpet when cleaning does not do the job. When choosing a carpet, bear in mind light colours are hard to maintain.

3. Chose tiles over paint where possible, especially in rooms that are moist and prone to mould, like bathrooms, utility rooms, and kitchens. Tiles are durable, resistant to infestations and easier to maintain than paint. Dark tiles with a dark grouting is always a good choice. If your budget does not stretch to tiling, use a mould- resistant paint.

4. Lighting is the key to decorating. Bright and airy properties let much quicker, so do make sure you install good lighting especially in the living area and the kitchen.

5. To help tackle or prevent mould damage to your property, ensure you invest in extractor fans and cooker hood in bathrooms and kitchen. Also advise your tenants to use it every time they cook and to wipe away condensation.

6. If your kitchen needs an uplift, and there is no structural damage to the cupboards, there are many ways to improve their look. Consider painting them using specialist cupboard paint, sanding down the surface, if wooden, replacing the knobs for a fresh look, or you can replace the doors.

7. Property with basic white goods and appliances will with no doubt attract more interest, so overall it is a good investment. However, before you go that extra mile and buy a dishwasher or/and a dryer consider again the type of tenant you want to let to and how much rent they will be paying.

8. Cleaning your property thoroughly, before viewings start is an absolute must do. This is often an overlooked issue by landlords, which can result in putting potential tenants off. When viewers arrive, they come to visualise the place as their home, and see, if they would feel comfortable there. Apart from overall cleanliness, pay attention to detail, such as windows, sinks, toilets, and open all windows to let fresh air in.

Iga Maciejewska - Account Manager, Makeurmove.

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