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Could Marks Out Of Tenancy Offer Additional Credibility to Good Landlords?

There are around two million landlords in the UK. That figure continues to grow as landlords continue to fulfil the role once carried out by the state-led social housing, and as tenants increasingly look at renting not simply as a necessity, but also by providing flexibility before they commit to a location or to buy a property. But as the private rented sector becomes more competitive, how can landlords appear more appealing to tenants?

As The Home of Good Landlords, we’re interested in finding new ways for landlords to demonstrate their professionalism to tenants and potential tenants. Recently we’ve been speaking with Marks Out of Tenancy which offers such an option. This collaborative and constructive platform enables landlords and tenants to share their experiences and improve the rental experience for all stakeholders. 

Marks Out Of Tenancy addresses the rental market experience from both ends of the spectrum:

  • Marks Out Of Tenancy is a review website for renters and their rented home in the private rental sector, providing a platform for honest and clear reviews of the rental experience – spanning the property, the landlord and/or agency, the area and its facilities. 
  • Marks Out Of Tenancy is an insight and response tool for landlords to get the clearest view of their tenants' experiences in their properties. Landlords can view the comments left by their tenants and respond to them, and via a dedicated dashboard can gain valuable insights into the experience the tenant has in the rented property. 
  • Marks Out Of Tenancy is the only rental review platform that has a neutral mandate - great landlords can distinguish themselves from bad landlords; ideal tenants will leave good reviews for great properties. A disruptive force for change should be a creative one. 

After signup at https://marksoutoftenancy.com/membership/landlord, landlords can: 

  • Respond to tenant reviews
  • Display landlord association or affiliation badges
  • Let tenants know if housing benefit is accepted
  • Secure and verify a landlord profile
  • Receive notifications when reviewed
  • Receive notifications when review replies have been responded to

Marks Out of Tenancy was born from a familiar and pervasive frustration – how can landlords ensure happy tenants (a happy tenant means lower management overhead), and how can tenants have a legitimate and useful platform for providing insights into their property and landlord. At the heart of Marks Out Of Tenancy is a desire to constructively disrupt the rental market status quo, and to improve and secure revenue for landlords and provide reassurance and a practical response framework for tenants who need resolution for issues in the homes they live in. Renting is a transaction like any other, consumers need protection and value for money and landlords need conscientious and responsible tenants.

We all need homes.

Marks Out Of Tenancy pivots on clarity and altruism – tenants share their story so others may learn how to best navigate the rental experience, and this gives landlords a chance to make things right, or let them know when they've made a great home for their tenants. 

By the end of the decade:

  • 1 out of 4 households will be in rental properties
  • Average house prices are 8 times the average salary and rising
  • A renter in their lifetime will spend one-third of their income on rent

To start differentiating yourself from other landlords in your area, why not advise your tenants to share their experience of living in your rental property and dealing with you? Simply ask them to head over to Marks Out Of Tenancy to get started, they can also rate MakeUrMove there too!

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