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So you’ve found a property online and you are interested. To help you factor all costs into the equation we have summarised what you require below. Firstly, we recommend you arrange a viewing using our online booking system. If following a viewing you would wish to apply for the property then let us know, you will receive a text to ask you how things have gone and all you have to do is text us back with the word OFFER. We will need some details and then we can process your application. Any additional questions please contact us on 0333 8000 210 (local rate)..

How much does referencing cost for this property?

Referencing fee per tenant of £96.00.

Guarantor fee per guarantor of £48.00.

Prices are VAT inclusive

Are there any other fees?

We do not charge tenants for:

• Application fees
• Fees for drawing up Tenancy Agreements
• Inventory fees including check-in and check-out fees
• Additional occupant fees
• Supplying an outgoing tenant reference or,
• Renewal fees.

We request that any of our landlords do not charge any additional fees but in the event that there are fees these will be displayed on the individual property adverts.

What information do I need to apply?

You will need to give us the names of all tenants and occupiers over the age of 18 years. You will be asked to confirm any occupation details including salaries for all tenants at the initial stage so that we can pre-check you against the property requirements.

It is also useful to provide any information about your credit history and adverse history or CCJ's and Bankruptcy orders that wither you or other tenants may have. We will share these details with the Landlord before we ask you to pay any fees for reference checks.

What do I need to pass referencing?

Tenant(s): Combined income equal to 2.5x the annual rent or Housing Benefit Entitlement equivalent to the total rent amount. Housing Benefit tenants will require a guarantor.

Guarantor(s): Income equal to 3x the annual rent from pension, self-employment or work. They must also have good credit.

What documents will be required?

Any person going through referencing will need to complete an online form that is emailed to them as a link in an email. This will be issued after the referencing fee has been paid. We cannot issue the form prior to the payment of the fee.

We will be required to obtain an employment reference and a recent landlord reference.

If you are on housing benefit you will complete the same form but will also need to provide proof of housing benefits:

• If a new claim an entitlement letter from the council. You can request this from your local council.
• If a current claim or for proof of tax credits then either 3 months’ worth of bank statements or an awards notice.

What happens when referencing is complete?

We will inform the Landlord of the outcome of checks and ask them if they wish to proceed to a tenancy. Once a tenancy is agreed you will need to make the payments for rent and deposit as outlined on the property adverts.
All adults that will be living at the property will need to attend at the Check In appointment and bring with them a copy of their photo ID for the completion of the Right to Rent check.

What is the How to Rent guide?

The How to Rent guide is a useful checklist for tenants and landlords. It offers advice and guidance on the steps of renting property. You can view the full guide online https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/496709/How_to_Rent_Jan_16.pdf .

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