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The tenancy agreement is such a vital document. Yet many private landlords pay surprisingly little attention to it. They may use the same contract for years at a time. Or worse just find a free template they found on the internet. If you’re a new landlord or worried your tenancy documents may not be up to scratch, we’re going to look at the five most common mistakes landlords make in their tenancy agreement documentation. And crucially how to avoid them.  

Whether you are in a fixed term tenancy or a periodic tenancy, giving notice in the correct way is crucial prior to ending your tenancy - if you don’t, you might risk losing your deposit or paying rent after you’ve moved out.  

As a renter, you hope your tenancy goes smoothly with no issues and an excellent landlord who's always ready to help. And most tenants enjoy that exact experience. But whatever your tenancy brings it's important to know your legal rights. And how to protect them if you need to.