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Has your landlord asked you to provide a guarantor? Or have you already moved into a property and aren't sure what your guarantor’s responsibilities are? Maybe you’re not sure what a guarantor is or why you may need one? In this article we'll answer any questions you may have. 

Whether you have a portfolio of properties or are a reluctant landlord you're running a business. And if you're running a business you need to be filing a tax return. If you haven't already done so, now is the time to get everything in order. Whether you file your own return or use an accountant the deadline is looming.  

I can hear the groans already. "Oh no. Not health and safety! Anything but that." It's understandable. Private landlords have so many rules and regulations to think about it's enough to put your head in a spin. Who wants to deal with health and safety as well? Unfortunately, it isn't something you can ignore. You have many responsibilities as a landlord many of which come under the health and safety umbrella.  

You've decided to become a private landlord. You have a property you're ready to rent out. Now you need to take the next steps to install a tenant. Fortunately, the process of renting out your property is a fairly clear one. That's not to say it's easy but you do have a well-marked path to follow. In this article we'll take a brief look at how you can rent out your property and begin collecting rent from your first tenant. 

Buying property isn't cheap and as a private landlord, you need to make the best possible return on your investment. One essential component of this is to choose the right letting agent. You need an agent to market your property effectively and provide all the extra services you need to help ensure your landlord business succeeds.