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Often seen as West London’s equally glamorous neighbour, North London isn’t just about leafy neighbourhoods for affluent families. While the expensive enclaves of Highgate and Hampstead offer a slice of the finer things in life, those on the hunt for somewhere a little grittier can still find their ideal rental property north of the river. Here we dig deeper into five great places to rent in North London, from the luxurious and laidback to the more affordable, alternative options. 

Along the banks of the Thames and beyond, you’ll find plenty of vibrant neighbourhoods ideal for setting up home. Places with gorgeous green spaces, lively cultural scenes and a wealth of rental property to choose from. Here we share five great places to rent in south London. There’s something for everyone beyond the South Bank. 

Forget the old clichés. 21st century East London is so much more than a collection of outdated stereotypes. Yes, it’s still where you’re most likely to hear classic Cockney rhyming slang and see pots of jellied eels for sale but it’s also now a thriving part of the city that attracts thousands of professional creatives and young families. Here we explore five areas of East London where culture, history and increasingly high rental prices collide.