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Renters are spending more of their salary on rent than ever before. The exact percentage does vary according to which report you to read. But it's safe to say many tenants are spending around 50% of their salary on paying the rent. In London, this can climb to over 60%. Among younger renters, those figures could be even higher.  

The Government has announced plans to scrap “no-fault evictions” by consulting on new legislation to abolish Section 21 evictions on 15th April. This will bring an end to private landlords evicting tenants from their homes at short notice and without a good reason.  

As a landlord, you know how harmful void periods can be. But equally, you'll be aware they're inevitable. The trick is to minimise them. You need to take steps to protect your business by putting strategies in place to reduce the time your property is empty. 

When building a portfolio or purchasing their first buy to let property most landlords will operate in their local area. This is perfectly understandable. They know the market and being local makes it easier to manage their properties. But not all landlords stay close to their roots. Long-distance landlords can be based hundreds of miles away from their rentals.