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Whether you have a portfolio of properties or are a reluctant landlord you're running a business. And if you're running a business you need to be filing a tax return. If you haven't already done so, now is the time to get everything in order. Whether you file your own return or use an accountant the deadline is looming.  

Are you thinking of buying a property to let for the first time? Or perhaps you're already a private landlord and are considering increasing your portfolio? Either way there are plenty of benefits to taking the plunge. Even in these times of political turmoil and the regular chipping away of landlord benefits by the chancellor.  

Finding a buy to let property in London isn't easy. Property is expensive but with prices increasing private landlords with an eye on capital gains could find plenty of opportunities. But most buy to let landlords will have an eye on rental yields. And there are still some areas of the capital which can provide a good return on investment. 

If you’re a private landlord you are probably wondering how best to maximise the returns on your rental property or properties. The UK’s student towns and cities have long provided an opportunity for landlords and investors, both in terms of those who want to operate as student landlords and for those who want to provide rental accommodation for those students who stay on after their studies are completed.