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Are you thinking of buying a property to let for the first time? Or perhaps you're already a private landlord and are considering increasing your portfolio? Either way there are plenty of benefits to taking the plunge. Even in these times of political turmoil and the regular chipping away of landlord benefits by the chancellor.  

There’s a stereotypical image people have of 'dossing' students. Happily living in condemned student houses as portrayed in sit-coms like The Young Ones. But it is just a stereotype. In reality students are as discerning as any other tenant. I'm sure all private landlords realise this. But what do students really look for in a rental?  

You've decided to become a private landlord. You have a property you're ready to rent out. Now you need to take the next steps to install a tenant. Fortunately, the process of renting out your property is a fairly clear one. That's not to say it's easy but you do have a well-marked path to follow. In this article we'll take a brief look at how you can rent out your property and begin collecting rent from your first tenant. 

Private landlords must look at budget announcements with dread. In recent years the chancellor's battered red briefcase has held some nasty surprises. Cuts to mortgage interest relief and the loss of the wear and tear allowance just two recent hammer blows felt by landlords. Changes to stamp duty were an even bitterer pill to swallow. That knocked the stuffing out of many private landlords.  

There's nothing worse to a private landlord than an empty property. Void periods hurt you financially. After all there's no rent coming in and you still have your expenses to pay. But the only way to reduce void periods is to let your property as quickly as possible. 

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