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Joint tenancies are becoming more popular. Not just in student accommodation or HMOs but also with friends or colleagues sharing a house or flat. Though couples in a relationship probably still account for most joint tenancies in the private rental sector. But whatever the dynamic there's little doubt many private landlords will rent their properties on a joint tenancy. 

MakeUrMove have joined forces with Virgin Money Lounge Manchester to host a talk around best practice for buy-to-let portfolio management in this constantly shifting landscape for the private rented sector. We will talk you though how to set up and manage your portfolio to be compliant whilst also getting the most out of your investments using our innovative platform developed to introduce landlords and tenants and make letting simpler. 

January to March is a hectic time for private landlords. This is when many students will be looking for accommodation for the forthcoming academic year. And once the Christmas break is over that search will move into overdrive. Especially during the first few weeks of the New Year. If you're a student landlord you must take advantage of this peak period. 

The turn of the New Year isn't always about setting goals or making resolutions. And pinning a calendar to the wall isn’t the only thing which happens in January. It's also the deadline for electronic tax returns. But also, an opportunity for all private landlords to prepare for their new tax year. It's a chance for you to ensure your paperwork and accounts are in order.  

It's enough to give any private landlord nightmares. Every January you’ll see horrendous stories in the press about tenants giving New Year’s Eve parties in which dozens of people have turned up with properties completely trashed. Most of those stories concern Airbnb or similar short-term rentals. But nevertheless, the fear of a tenant or their guests damaging their property is a real one for many landlords. This is why they will try to pre-empt the problem by banning tenants from holding parties. 

It's that time of the year again. The Christmas excess leads to thoughts of New Year resolutions. They usually revolve around adopting new habits. Either to make us fitter or happier. But we can also make New Year resolutions in our professional lives. Just in case you're struggling for inspiration here's our suggestions for resolutions private landlords can make this year. 

An empty property is a private landlord's enemy. Void periods disrupt cash flow and can make the difference between a profit and a deficit over the year. This is why all landlords will go out of their way to minimise the time their property stands empty. But it can happen anyway. 

It's fair to say that when they advertise their property few private landlords immediately think of including a floorplan. A landlord will typical spend a long time agonising over the words to use in their ad. They'll spend even longer trying to get the best photos of their property. Or they will pay a professional photographer to take the photos instead. 

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